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Me and my love for the entire year had just broken up and I was sort of depressed.

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I-" "You're engaged?" I blinked at the rock on her left ring finger.

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Of course, she enjoyed it despite her doubts.

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When I first met him, he had his basement all set up for meetings.

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All while he fucked me.

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My parents later told me that the Bradleys had a foundation at the university, and they hand-selected two students each year for a full scholarship.

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I'd give Chris credit for that.

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I swallowed and blinked away my unshed tears, smiling at him.

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He'd taught me there was an art to eating pussy.

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Wanting to keep everyone happy in whatever group we were with, even when you weren't feeling it yourself.

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But by then, he'd released me and I was leaning over his lap, gasping.

Interspersed with his grunts were broken attempts of my name.

Look up.

"What's going on behind those beautiful emerald eyes?" My cheeks burned, and I could only look as high as his single-dimpled mouth while my hands fumbled at opening the wrapper on my sandwich.

His groan of approval was muted by his mouth pressing to my back.

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