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Approval seeking.

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I have also not given a fuck about many people and many things.

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Natalie Allen Not giving a fuck is one of the greatest skills in life you can learn.

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"Because you're a great girlfriend, and you wanted to help out a poor guy.

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And then there was my reflection in the mirror.

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But they always put food on the table, kept a roof over my head, and paid the bills.

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And another.

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So I searched for support online and came across a popular fetish website.

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I know we were both drunk.

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So I stared back, studying the blue depths that grew brighter again in the light from the bedside lamp.

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Beneath him, my body continued shaking from my sudden release.

I-" "You're engaged?" I blinked at the rock on her left ring finger.

But his thumb lightly tapped several times just above my clit, eliciting a string of sharp cries from my lungs as my inner muscles clenched and released.

" He stared at the floor and cleared his throat.

You've allowed him to get under your skin and fester.

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